Competitive Analysis

boxer.pngOur Mission

Unitrends' mission is to make IT professionals' lives better. Our products and services are designed to take away the worry and stress of data protection through recovery assurance, allowing IT to focus on what really matters in their professional and personal lives.

We offer products and services in different form factors including:

We got you covered and can show it.

In our always-on, always-connected world, your business cannot afford downtime or data loss. Your business is also facing an explosion of infrastructure and new challenges as new technology paradigms like Virtualization, Cloud, Mobile and Big Data open up new opportunities for innovation.

You can't afford the time or money to have multiple data protection tools in order to cover your entire set of physical and virtual servers. The last thing you want to be worried about is whether your data protection and recovery solution will work when you need it and if it will be able to grow and adapt to your environment.

You need something that you can trust with confidence that will work when you need it and provide assurance that it is working all the time!


Top Reasons Why Unitrends is Different

1.      Simplicity. 

We make things easy.  Our solutions are easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to support.  Our No Limits Licensing means no hidden fees or charges making it easy to purchase what you need.

2.      Adaptability

Regardless of how you want to deploy (physical appliance, virtual appliance, or installable software on Linux) and what you want to protect (VMware, XenServer, Hyper-V VMs, physical servers running Windows, Linux, or any of the 200+ operating systems we protect), we adapt to your needs without constraint.

3.      Industry leading Customer Satisfaction

We are fanatically committed to delighting our customers, leading to an industry best 98% customer satisfaction rating.


4.      Low TCO/ High-End Enterprise Features

Competing solutions require you to make a choice. Choose either low cost and limited features, or pay exorbitant fees to get enterprise features. We have been a leader in bringing enterprise class features to the SMB and mid-market including Tiered SSD Flash and NDMP support.

5.      Integrated Cloud

Hybrid Cloud provides a powerful means for enterprises to augment their on-premise capabilities and increase their resiliency to disaster. Unitrends has invested in multiple integrated cloud offers including:

  • Our own Unitrends Cloud service with cloud storage options to fit your needs and any budget
  • Our own white-glove DRaaS offer in our own cloud
  • Boomerang, a service for DR, cloud migration and bursting between VMware and Amazon Web Services
  • CloudHook, a standard feature in all our products for backing up to public cloud vendors. 
Our competition often depends solely on third party solution or provides only light-weight cloud offers lacking features like Cloud Seeding.

6.      Deep Virtualization

Some vendors offer a single choice for protecting virtual machines. Either you protect VMs at the hypervisor layer or you protect VMs solely at the guest OS layer like they aren't even virtualized. We believe we have a better solution: Deep Virtualization. Instead of having to pick between hypervisor level protection or OS level protection, we let you use both and decide if one, or both is the best option for each virtual machine.

7.      Recovery Assurance

All Data Recovery vendors talk about the importance of recovery. We all use lines like, "it doesn't matter that you backed up your data if you can't recover it." However, only Unitrends focuses on Recovery Assurance as an integrated option for our backup and recovery solutions. We not only protect your applications and data, but we automate the testing and measurement of your RTO and RPO SLAs to prove your recovery will work when you need it. We show you why you can rest easy.