There are many factors that make kindergarten through 12 (K-12) and universities different from other businesses. From constricted budgets to needing to protect large numbers of devices and users, educational institutions face a unique set requirements for data protection and business continuity.

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Last Updated: 03/24/2017
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Migration to the cloud continues to infuse Amazon Web Services with massive amounts of data. While the volume of stored information continues to grow exponentially, IT pros are asking, “Is my data safe in the cloud?” The fact is, while AWS is a powerful storage resource, it is not configured as a backup and recovery tool. So what workflow orchestration keeps your data secure?

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Last Updated: 03/09/2017
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Backup storage is a critical component of any enterprise data protection. Most people want to throw their backups at the oldest piece of hardware they own, but they quickly see that doesn’t work out very well. So what are the best ways to design a cost-effective backup target?

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Last Updated: 02/22/2017
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When you’re managing more IT systems than you can count, a set it and forget it approach seems great but does it work for backup and recovery or will it put your data at risk?

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Last Updated: 02/09/2017
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Backups are essential - your business must be protected. But do they need so much of your time? With one, super-easy console you could automate your on-premises and cloud workload backups, and even copy your server backups in Azure. Automatically, quickly, securely-- and it will save you money.

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Last Updated: 01/27/2017
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