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Are you spending too much time focusing on downtime and backup? Do you lack complete confidence that you can recover in the time your business requires? Are you juggling multiple backup and continuity solutions? Are you about to start a new DR program but worry if your legacy solution can meet your new needs?

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Last Updated: 10/14/2016
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Cloud-based backup and recovery is now revolutionizing the data protection space and has become the go-to solution of all company sizes to better protect their business-critical data. It’s no longer a question of if you can afford to; it’s now a question of can you really afford not to.

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Last Updated: 09/28/2016
Categories: Cloud Videos Unitrends Enterprise Backup Unitrends Cloud Backup Backup & Recovery DR & Business Continuity Webinars 

Ninety one percent (91%) of IT organizations have experienced downtime in the last two years at an average cost of $8,000 a minute. Downtime is expensive and inevitable; hardware fails, people make mistakes and disasters strike. The silver lining is that the impact of these incidents on your business is up to you.

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Last Updated: 09/14/2016
Categories: Cloud Videos Recovery-Series Backup & Recovery Boomerang Webinars 

Unitrends Boomerang provides orchestrated, automated, VM migration, and protection. Local disasters happen. Boomerang delivers low Recovery Times (RTOs) and helps create an effective response solution. The product creates effective Disaster Recovery (DR) capacity for VMware infrastructure. This webinar introduces you to Boomerang's capabilities and it shows you how you can test drive a 30-day free trial of this DRaaS solution.

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Last Updated: 08/30/2016
Categories: Cloud Videos Backup & Recovery General Boomerang Webinars 

When you compare cloud protection costs you should consider storage and CPU classes and sizes. Look at the "puts and gets," network activity on data and server streams, as well as, application types.

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Last Updated: 08/30/2016
Categories: Software Videos Backup & Recovery Boomerang Webinars 

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