Get an overview of our data backup and disaster recovery solutions

Cloud Solutions

Enterprise Backup Software

  • Unitrends Enterprise Backup


    All-in-one backup software and virtual appliances for vSphere and Hyper-V

  • Unitrends Virtual Backup


    This is now a legacy product. Contact us to see if you qualify for a free upgrade to Unitrends Enterprise Backup!

  • Unitrends Free


    Free backup virtual appliance for up to 1 TB of protected data

  • Unitrends Free For Google Cloud Platform


    Free backup virtual appliance for up to 1.5 TB of protected data

Physical Appliances

  • Recovery-Series


    Purpose-built all-in-one physical appliances for virtual and physical protection

Recovery Assurance

  • ReliableDR


    Application-level recovery-assurance for guaranteed automated DR failover and automated testing

Free Tools

Unitrends is your complete backup and recovery partner, with business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that are flexible and easy to use within any IT environment. Unitrends backup and recovery software and hardware solutions deliver complete protection for any mix of physical and virtual assets, including more than 200 versions of operating systems, application and hypervisors, including VMware replication, ESXI backup and Hyper-V backup solutions, as well as technology to backup XenServer and a Docker data container. Our Recovery-Series physical appliances and Unitrends Enterprise Backup software provide backup storage along with tools for unified bare metal backup and recovery. When integrated with our cloud backup and DRaaS data recovery services, Unitrends solutions can provide long term data retention and eliminate the need for and cost of a second disaster recovery site. Unitrends ReliableDR™ software offers certified application failover/failback orchestration across multiple data centers.