Boomerang Demo: One Easy Step at a Time

Boomerang easily replicates VMware VMs in Amazon Web Services with a few simple steps. You can organize VMs in Protection Groups, and assign different block-level incremental backup parameters by group in AWS S3 for low cost storage. Using Boomerang's Pilot Light approach, you can choose when to automatically remodel your VMs as native Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) in AWS EC2 with the click of a mouse. And because Boomerang keeps track of the VMs' configuration information, you can convert AMIs back as ready-to-run VMs and return them to any data center.

Video Table of Contents

Introduction & Overview

Step 1: Credentials

01.19 Creating your credentials profile

02:44 Adding your AWS credentials

04:20 Identify & Access Management Key

Step 2: Protection Groups

06:30 Protection Group Creation

06:45 How Protection Groups Work

09:29 Selecting VMs for Protection Groups

Step 3: Using Boomerang

11:30 Replicating VMs into AWS S3

15:00 Deployment Examples

19:48 How to Change the VM Launch Order

Restoring VMs to vSphere

22:46 Overview

23:07 Option 1: Copyback

25:00 Option 2: Straight Restoration


How to Set Up & Use Boomerang with Amazon Web Services

By Unitrends Architect Jorke Odolphi







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