Unitrends DRaaS

Always On: Disaster Recovery as a Service

When downtime isn’t an option, ensure business continuity with Unitrends DRaaS

Unitrends DRaaS is a white-glove service that ensures your business is “Always On,” even in the event of disaster. Industry-first disaster recovery assurance as a service, available with the ReliableDR add-on, provides automated disaster recovery testing and certification of Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). And unlike managing your own secondary site, Unitrends DRaaS eliminates the cost of an off-premise location, infrastructure, and personnel by providing a warm standby environment for your business in the secure No Limits Cloud. Plus, Unitrends DRaaS guarantees a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of less than one hour.

Unitrends DRaaS Annual or Monthly Recurring Subscription service includes:

  • On-Premise Appliance with Archiving – sized to meet local backup, recovery, and immediate retention needs, plus local archiving.
  • No Limits Unitrends Cloud – Second site replication of the protected capacity of the  on-premise appliance in the Unitrends Cloud.
  • Managed DRaaS White Glove Service – Unitrends disaster recovery experts to help you recover your IT infrastructure and provide business continuity in the event of disaster.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Managed Support – Our team is “always on,” ready to help your business whenever a disaster may occur.

Highlights of Unitrends DRaaS:

  • End-to-end data protection from your on-premise Unitrends appliance to cloud replication and DR
  • Easy and Affordable: Subscription based offers – one price for all needs (Appliance, Support, Pledge replacement, Cloud Replication and DR)
  • Unique automated DR testing with application level recovery orchestration, and Recover Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective (RTO and RPO)  and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance certification-as-a-service
  • Simple and Scalable:  Highly scalable from 1TB to 97TB
  • Secure replication to the Unitrends Cloud:
    • Redundant storage to ensure availability of your data.
    • Configurable security options with AES-256 encryption of data in-flight and at-rest.
    • Included seeding to quickly migrate the initial data set in the cloud.
    • Secure SSAE 16 certified data centers for your peace of mind.
  • Proof of Readiness: Ensures your disaster recovery strategy will work as expected. After initial replication, Unitrends performs a full DR test and validation.
  • Recovery expertise: Unitrends disaster recovery experts provide a customize DR plan for your environment, meeting specified SLA goals.
    • Instant recovery of VMware VMs, SLA Level Agreement of less than one hour (once the DR event is declared).
    • Immediate access to data through a secure VPN once a disaster recovery event is declared and server boots from warm standby.
  • “Always On” DR environment,  available with VMs on warm standby (24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year).
    • Schedule DR testing with the Unitrends Cloud Operations Team as often as needed at no additional costs as long as total DR testing time period is within the 4-weeks per 12-month DR operation time period.
    • After a DR event occurs, failback assistance is available to help rebuild the primary site. Replicated data from No Limits Cloud and backups of VMs running in the DR environment are copied to a replacement on-premise appliance and shipped to the customer for restoring the production environment.
  • Business Continuity: Operate in the Cloud DR environment in the event of a primary site failure. Subscriptions include 4 weeks of access to the Cloud DR environment per 12-month period free of charge. Extensions can be made available at additional fees.
  • White glove service: Unitrends Customer Services takes care of you from the time of a disaster to full recovery in the cloud with user secure VPN access to replacement of the premise appliance for failback—crazy-committed customer service from beginning through resolution.
Unitrends DRaaS editions are based on the model and size of your on-premise Recovery-Series appliance. This architecture means a no-fuss, full-service contract with peace of mind that all of your data is protected in the Unitrends Cloud.

Unitrends DRaaS is also available from authorized resellers through the Tech Data StreamOne platform. Resellers, log in to UniRewards and read the Unitrends DRaaS FAQ for more information.

At this time, Unitrends DRaaS is available to customers in North America.

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HIPAA Compliance

If your business is part of the healthcare industry, you’re likely facing additional regulatory requirements for data storage and backup and recovery strategies. Typically, healthcare and insurance businesses will need to comply with federal regulations defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, commonly referred to as HIPAA. Among other things, compliance with HIPAA requires specific practices to safeguard and encrypt personal health information (PHI), including PHI  being stored for disaster recovery purposes.

All Unitrends backup and recovery products include encryption and can be easily administered to comply with your business’s HIPAA compliance needs. For our No Limits Cloud and DRaaS customers, Unitrends also supports HIPAA compliance as a Business Associate and will provide these customers with a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) which details how the privacy and security of PHI is maintained in the Unitrends Cloud.