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Protect your business in the cloud or on premise with powerful backup software that assures recovery of your virtual, physical and cloud data, systems and applications.

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Keep Your Business Running With Unitrends Enterprise Backup Software

Unitrends Enterprise Backup provides complete backup and recovery for your physical and virtual assets.

Whether you’re trying to protect one VMware vSphere host with a handful of VM’s, a complete data center environment with physical servers and thousands of vSphere and Hyper-V virtual machines, or applications running as Virtual Machines in the cloud, Unitrends Enterprise Backup does it all.

Features of Unitrends Enterprise Backup

Intuitive User Experience

Completely redesigned, powerful user interface built with customizable drag-and-drop tiles, information dashboards and powerful reporting.

Comprehensive Recovery Assurance

Automated DR testing ensures your recovery objectives, saves you the time and expense of manual alternatives, and gives you 100% confidence in the recovery point to come.

Adaptive Deduplication

A hybrid data reduction technology that does not require expensive dedicated hardware. It combines global byte-level deduplication or inline deduplication with source side deduplication (VMware).

Cloud Empowered Backup and Recovery

Tightly-integrated cloud support provides flexible cloud storage and disaster recovery services on the Unitrends Cloud or integrate with 3rd party hyperscale clouds including AWS, Azure, Google or Rackspace for low cost cloud storage.  Soon you will be able to choose to provide protection for cloud workloads and off-site backup copies by running Unitrends Enterprise Backup in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Flexible Backup Strategies and Near Continuous Data Protection

Unitrends provides an incremental forever strategy to enable fully customizable combinations of full, synthetic full, incremental, or differential backups on either single-server or multiple-server backup jobs.

Heterogeneous Infrastructure Support

Delivers virtual and physical protection of over 220 version of operating systems, hypervisors, and applications, eliminating the need for additional staff, money and resources to integrate multiple backup solutions.

Deep Virtual Protection

Unitrends’ unique deep virtualization protection avoids the problems with hypervisor-level only snapshots, providing granular backup and recovery to meet tight backup windows and shorter RPO requirements for critical applications.

Flexibilty Across All Environments

With a range of deployment options to suit any environment our all-in-one software solution helps protect your physical and virtual assets and meets all your backup, recovery, retention, backup copy and disaster recovery needs

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The simplicity and amount of different applications supported, like Exchange mailboxes and SQL as well as agent based file level backups is amazing, not to mention the full support for virtual environments

Jeroen Van Dijk
Manager, ICT Infrastrcutre & Services,

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"Making My Life a Little Easier"

Every DR test is a pain so I needed a way to automate testing, be confident that it worked and there was no disruption to our whole operation.

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"Everything I Need, Right In Front Of Me"

By combining all my backup and DR needs into one solution I not only reduced support costs but also made my team much more efficient.

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"Backup Is Just One Of My Jobs"

I needed a solution that was both simple and super-intuitive, allowing me to setup new backup jobs quickly or recover data quickly from the cloud whenever I wanted.

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Unitrends Enterprise
Backup Demo

Watch a demonstration of the Unitrends Enterprise Backup, the core component of the Connected Continuity Platform™

UEB Deployment Options

The Unitrends Enterprise Backup solution can be deployed as a physical appliance, a virtual appliance for VMware, Hyper-V or XenServer as installable Linux software or, soon,  deployed as a VM in Microsoft Azure. 

Designed for today’s busy IT professional, an intuitive and customizable dashboard and low click count means that even the most complex task can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup Resources

Unitrends Enterprise Backup Datasheet


Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ is available as a fully integrated, prepackaged virtual appliance running on VMWare, Hyper-V, Xenserver, or as installable software for Linux. Get the details about the product and see how it can help ensure your data is safe.


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Unitrends Enterprise Backup FAQs


Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) is available as a virtual appliance for Hyper-V, VMware, and Xenserver, or as an installable application on Linux. Unlike many competitive solutions, UEB protects your virtual and physical infrastructure, and extends that coverage from on- premise to second site or cloud environments.

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UEB Deployment Guide



Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) can be deployed as a virtual appliance on Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere, or as installable software on RHEL or CentOS. And while other virtual backup products only cover hypervisors and virtual machines (VMs), Unitrends protects everything—virtual and physical. 

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UEB Best Practices


In this guide, we’ll discuss key considerations for a successful and optimal deployment of Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) virtual appliances, as well as some quick tips for trialing the product.


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