Hyper-V Instant Recovery

The Cost of Downtime

When your business goes down, you feel it immediately. Impacts can include:

  • Productivity loss, employee morale issues
  • Revenue and cash flow loss
  • Customer and partner reputation and goodwill loss
  • Regulatory and compliance cost penalties

The cost per minute of downtime is estimated to be $5600—and recently has been reported to be as high as $7900 per minute.(1)  The traditional answer to this has been the use of complex and costly high-availability techniques such as redundant active/active and active/passive clustered systems.

(1) Source: Gartner Group, “The Cost of Downtime”, July 16, 2014; Emerson Network Power and Ponemon Institute, “The Lowdown on Data Center Downtime: Frequency, Root Cause, and Costs”, 2013

High Availability Meets Simplicity

Enter Unitrends. Our innovative Unitrends Bridge™ technology enables you to use your Unitrends data protection system to limit your downtime to just minutes regardless of how much data you’re protecting. So instead of waiting to provision new hardware—or even a new site in the case of a disaster—you’re able to spin-up your physical and virtual servers with an industry-leading RTO (Recovery Time Objective.)

Microsoft Hyper-V Instant Recovery

Microsoft Hyper-V Instant Recovery, available on our Recovery-Series purpose-built physical backup appliances as well as our Unitrends Enterprise Backup purpose-built virtual backup appliances, enables you to spin-up anything from one virtual machine to the entire infrastructure of a site and to seamlessly migrate it back to your original Microsoft Hyper-V host or hosts.

Microsoft Hyper-V Instant Recovery enables you to dramatically decrease your recovery times.