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Unitrends is your partner to ensure full backup and restore capabilities across your infrastructure. Unitrends is fanatically committed to ensuring that enterprise recovery includes more than just your data. Our system backup software solutions are radically easy to use, offering comprehensive protection for any mix of physical and virtual assets, including more than 200 versions of operating systems (including Windows Server backup), applications and hypervisors (including Microsoft Hyper-V backup solutions, XenServer backup solutions and VMware backup solutions). Our Recovery-Series physical appliances and Unitrends Enterprise Backup software provide local data backup and recovery for physical and virtual environments, and enable Physical to Virtual backup through our Unified bare metal restore. These solutions, when integrated with cloud backup, provide long term data retention and eliminate your need for a second disaster recovery site. We also provide free backup software via Unitrends Free, a cloud enabled and local backup software for virtual environments. Unitrends ReliableDR™ software provides certified application failover/failback orchestration.