A New Approach to Backup and Recovery is Needed

The traditional approach to data protection and disaster recovery is no longer meeting the needs of today’s complex data centers. IT systems are increasingly vital to the health of companies of all sizes. There are multiple trends on a collision course:

  • Increasing complexity. IT infrastructures are often combinations of physical, virtual, cloud, and multicloud environments and often employ complex multi-tier applications.
  • More cloud and remote computing. Business-critical data and applications are now in running in environments where traditional on-premises backup and disaster recovery (DR) approaches fall short, such as in SaaS environments, (ie. Office 365, GSuite); in cloud computing environments, and on remote employee laptops.
  • Stretched IT resources. IT budgets and headcounts are limited or reduced while data volumes continue to increase exponentially.
  • Lower tolerance for downtime. In 2019, 12% more survey respondents expect to recover from downtime in less than 4 hours compared to respondents in 2018.

A new approach to data backup and recovery is required. IT needs to stop expecting downtime and manual IT intervention for recovery. Today’s data centers need automated resilience.

Backup and recovery issues need to be detected and eliminated before they jeopardize a backup or make a recovery fail. The complexity of today’s IT infrastructure has moved beyond the scope of manual, human intervention.

New backup and disaster recovery technologies are addressing these issues automatically, making backup and recovery effortless and invisible to enterprise stakeholders. The only way for IT to meet these challenges is through automation, AI and machine learning-based tools that make data and application protection as invisible and hassle-free as possible. These technologies:

  • Actively Monitor Backup and Recovery– Best-in-class solutions see issues as they happen and determine whether configurations will cause a failure before the backup even runs..
  • Automate Remediation – Next gen backup and recovery solutions save IT time and eliminate downtime and recovery risk by automatically correct common issues such as VSS errors, low drive space, network connectivity, and other issues.

The good news is that tools that can do this are available. Want more information? Visit Unitrends.com and download a white paper and other assets that can help identify and resolve your recovery issues before system downtime and data loss impacts your managing server-level backup to a more holistic, automated, never-fail approach.


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