“Unitrends provides a single solution that covers everything you need in a great backup solution.”  

 ~[Ryan C.]

The picture that accompanies this blog post came from Ryan’s Unitrends data protection solution where he’s using our single pane of glass functionality to monitor and manage several of our Recovery-series physical backup appliances.

Ryan also noted that

“Unitrends allows IT professionals a simple and cost effective way to protect their environment.” 

It’s the word “simple” that I’m proudest of – there’s a whole lot of stuff in our backup appliances – backup, archiving, instant recovery, replication, encryption, compression, deduplication, virtualization, on-appliance physical server instant recovery, off-appliances virtual server instant recovery, dissimilar bare metal recovery, and so on, and so on – but we work awfully hard to make it intuitive and easy to use.

Of course, all the technology in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t have customers every bit as great as your products.  We’re incredibly fortunate to have Ryan – and thousands of other customers – whom we’re proud to serve.