Boomerang in many ways is also an ‘Open Platform’ that provides you with a few simple building block actions: ‘Discover and scan’, ‘Replicate’, ‘Deploy into AWS’, ‘Copyback’. The blocks you work with in Boomerang are either VMs or Protections Groups (PGs). Equipped with these basic blocks and actions, you can easily realize numerous interesting scenarios across a hybrid cloud environment: you can ‘Migrate’ an entire VMware system into AWS via ‘Discover -> Replicate -> Deploy (destination) -> Power Down (source)’; you can set up a Protection Group of VMs to be stored in cheap storage in AWS, and spin them up into production on demand ‘Discover -> Create PG -> Replicate PG -> Deploy (on demand)’; you can ‘Cloudburst’ VMs from VMware on-premise into AWS dynamically to free up capacity on-premise at will ‘Replicate VM -> Deploy (destination) -> PowerDown (source)’.

Just like in Minecraft, you don’t have to worry about ‘constructing a building incorrectly the first time’, as ‘destroying’ and ‘rebuilding’ blocks are simple reversible operations, and gamers are encouraged to ‘experiment’. We encourage you to also have a go at ‘throwing our boomerang’ and see what business problems you can solve easily with our powerful, yet simple to use, open hybrid cloud orchestration platform.