We know that our customers are increasingly looking at lower cost alternatives to meet their virtualization needs. It is also clear that Microsoft Hyper-VTM is a formidable option in this regard.

Naturally, a part of any virtualization strategy should include how it will be recovered in an outage. The good thing for Hyper-V admins is that the number of alternatives for protecting those environments is increasing. The not-so-good thing is that there are still big disparities between Hyper-V and vSphere capabilities from data protection vendors.

Heck, we were in that same boat not too long ago.

That said, Unitrends has certainly shown its dedication to the Hyper-V administrator recently with its Release 8.0 for Recovery-Series and Unitrends Enterprise Backup appliances, which added:

Now – with the release of ReliableDR 4.0 – we are adding a piece of next generation functionality that significantly improves RTO and risk visibility: Recovery Assurance for Hyper-V.

What is Recovery Assurance?

It is simply the ability to test that recovery will be successful….AND….with visibility into meeting recovery time (RTO) and point (RPO) objectives.

Backup verification is certainly available from a lot of vendors, so let me describe how ReliableDR 4.0 takes this to a different – and much needed – level of value than our competitors:

• Tests ACTUAL recovery scenarios

Recovery isn’t successful until your users are up and running. In many cases, this isn’t just one VM. Multiple VMs work together within a network to deliver business services. ReliableDR tests those situations – not just recovery of a single VM.

• Ensures APPLICATIONS are working

Knowing a machine can boot is okay, but still leaves a lot up to chance. Knowing that the applications, databases, networks, and web servers for both Windows and Linux machines are functional is critical for mitigating the risk of issues in an outage. ReliableDR verifies granular application functionality, as well as system level availability.

• Makes the entire process VISIBLE to key stakeholders (see illustration below)

Testing is about risk mitigation. Understanding risk is never complete without being able to see and track recovery results over time, and being able to report on it. ReliableDR offers simple dashboards and reports – that can be emailed to key stakeholders or shared through multi-tenant role based access – which clearly shows the results of its testing and how each application compares to its Recovery Time and Point Objectives.

ReliableDR 4.0 Recovery Assurance and Data Replication Software

Now that you can easily protect and instantly recover Hyper-V VMs with the Recovery-Series and Unitrends Enterprise Backup appliances, recovery assurance can be added for those Hyper-V VM backups with ReliableDR 4.0. It can even failover applications in a couple clicks, if you like getting those manual tasks out of the way when you’re trying to fix problems in an outage.

ReliableDR 4.0 is now generally available as an add-on for Recovery-Series / UEB customers, as a component within the Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite, or as an add-on option for those Hyper-V customers that leverage disaster recovery services in the Unitrends Cloud.