Are you a wolverine or a panda?

We have our first results back from August in terms of our sales.  After eight quarters of incredible growth, we knew August would be a tough month for us.  We’re in a tough economy and the macroeconomic headwinds are daunting.

And yet…we had the strongest August in the history of the company.  Not by a little.  Not even by a lot.  But by an incredible, earth-shattering, blow off the doors amount.

To use the animal metaphors of which I’m so fond. 🙂 Picture the unfairness of a fight between a really angry wolverine who sees his best friend repeatedly poked with a sharp stick by a crowd of small, meek, timid pandas.  Multiply times infinity.  Then add 1.7.  And you still won’t be able to picture the magnitude of just how fast the market is embracing enterprise-level all-in-one backup, archiving, and disaster recovery appliances.

And yet August – and for that matter the last eight quarters – are just the beginning.  Later today we’re going to release the most incredible new series of enterprise-level all-in-one D2D and D2D2x backup, archiving, and disaster recovery appliances the industry has ever seen.

Why?  Because there are an awful lot of backup vendors out there disrespecting the small and medium enterprise market by over-charging and nickel and diming customers who are desperate to have integrated, simple, and elegant backup.  We don’t like it. And with the announcement later this morning, we’re going to continue showing the pandas of the backup industry just how wolverines roll when they see their friends getting poked repeatedly with that metaphorical sharp stick.