Had a great conversion with an IT professional a few days ago who was using Nutanix.  He loves Nutanix – says it’s awesome – although he uses both Nutanix and traditional infrastructure (e.g., servers, SANs) as well.  He was talking to us because he was trying to use Nutanix Cloud Connect to build a DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) capability using Amazon AWS.

Nutanix Cloud Connect is a Nutanix’s offering that enables Nutanix storage to be linked to Amazon AWS.  In Nutanix’s own words, here’s a description:

Cloud Connect for AWS hosts a live Nutanix cluster in the cloud running on EC2 instances and using the Elastic Block Store for metadata and S3 storage for backups.

Of course, we offer Boomerang – a backup, DRaaS, cloudbursting offering that enables VMware administrators to efficiently and seamlessly replicate between their local VMware hypervisor-based infrastructure and AWS.  We do this very efficiently by not involving higher cost AWS EC2 or EBS (or Elastic Block Storage.)  We do this through a patented approach where we we send source-side deduplicated data directly to S3 buckets (including S3 IA (Infrequently Accessed) as well as S3 Standard buckets) and only involving EC2 and EBS when you’re ready to spin-up your virtual machines.  We even convert VMware vSwitch to AWS CloudFormation automatically so that your infrastructure, not just single virtual machines, are understood and protected.

I plan on getting Nutanix community edition and trying it out this weekend – I might even use Ravello in AWS with EC2/EBS.  If you’re using VMware vSphere, with or without Nutanix, I hope you’ll consider trying out Boomerang.  We’ve made it so simply that you don’t even need an AWS account – but if you have one, you can use it as well.  Let me know what you think.