A while back Unitrends changed its press release tagline to reflect one of the core values of the company around awesome customer support – we now use the phrase

Supported by “crazy-committed” customer service model based on engagement, experience and excellence […]

If you’ve read this blog at all, you know I’m a huge proponent of using great customer support to differentiate companies in any industry – and in the data protection (backup) space in particular.  I’m even a fan of this wording – and I applaud our marketing group for delivering messaging on it – because I think that all too often as companies get larger they lose the directness and the “edge” in their messaging that truly great companies need.

But the people I really admire in this are the “point of the spear” in delivering awesome backup customer support – the customer engineers.  All it takes is one poor customer service experience by one customer – and the spotlight of unwanted attention is trained on the customer engineer involved.  But of course it’s not just the customer support group – this messaging sets the bar for our product engineers, for our sales group – for everyone in the company.  At annual kick-off meetings, I often show just how many bad customer service engagements you can have with 2% customer dissatisfaction (this is the inverse of our industry-leading 98% customer satisfaction rating) – and each time it’s a sobering moment for everyone in the room.  The bar we’re setting is a high one – but it’s what we’re defining the company as committed to achieving – day in and day out.

I’ve included my own “not ready for prime time” messaging on the subject .  Please note that it’s in no way approved by anyone – it’s just my own humorous take on the messaging (note: I like dogs – and despite appearances this really is a dog.)


Had any great experiences with Unitrends customer support – or Unitrends in general – you want to share?  Or bad ones that we need to do a better job on?  Would love to hear from you.