This blog is subtitled “Customer-obsessed next generation backup, archiving, instant recovery, and disaster recovery.” I’ve said before – and it bears repeating – that what I think makes Unitrends different isn’t that we’re perfect – we absolutely make mistakes – what makes us different is what we do when mistakes happen (and of course what we learn from them.)

Delighting customers can be incredibly tough. Most of the problems we see in our customer support group are environmental – small and medium businesses tend to be incredibly heterogeneous and take really smart IT administrators to operate – and by design enterprise-level data protection systems designed for SMB tend to span a lot of the IT infrastructure (particularly those that adapt to the customer’s environment rather than forcing you to adapt to the backup product.) And yet the attitude that we have – that we have to have – is that we’ve got to get that customer not just happy with us – but delighted with us. Come hell or high water.

Part of my job is to help create and oversee strategy as well as technology for Unitrends. I’m always surprised at how similar – and yet how different – various functions of modern companies are. When we have a sales person who achieves a 50% winning rate we’re absolutely thrilled. When we have a support person who achieves only a 95% customer satisfaction rating we’re dismayed. And yet that’s the way it should be. We have a history of achieving 99% customer satisfaction – and that’s what we have to do going forward.

One of the things that makes Unitrends different is the interlock between support and sales. What prompted this post was that one of our superstar sales people, Bill Grady, was following up with a customer on how an install went and we got this message back.

Hi Bill,

 I was really not looking forward to dealing with the getting this unit up and running.  The nightmare of dealing with LiveVault and the constant failures of backups for one reason or another had me convinced I was going to be spending a ton of time working out issues.  That’s the primary reason it took me so long to get the install scheduled, I wanted to make sure I’d have the time necessary to dedicate to tracking down the bugs and getting consistent backups. I even locked my calendar and allocated the entire day for the install appointment. 

I couldn’t believe that in less than 2 hours, we had everything set up and the backups scheduled out for all of the servers!  I figured reality would slap me in the face the next day with a bunch of failures I’d need to figure out.  Didn’t happen – everything worked perfectly and has been for a week.  I’ve had 2 minor things come up and I’ve fixed them both and neither one had anything to do with Unitrends.  What truly amazes me is that I have servers ranging from Win2K to 2008R2, SQL, and Exchange 2010 and everything has backed up without a hitch.

 This was absolutely the most positive experience I’ve ever had with any purchase.  You and everyone I’ve spoken to with Unitrends has been helpful, knowledgeable and surprisingly upbeat. I guess it’s much easier to be upbeat when you’re representing a product you know is solid and works as promised. 

 I’m a very, very happy customer!!

 Nelson D. Sheffield, MCITP-EA | Network Administrator