Our new web site (unbelievably good job by our marketing group leading the way to make this happen) has as of Friday started teasing something.  The message is simple

Something big is coming.

What the heck is it?

Well, here’s a hint.  Unitrends is the fastest growing midrange backup company measured by year-over-year growth.  In 2012, we clocked in at 88% growth on tens of millions of revenue.  Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s where it gets even more interesting.  We were able to achieve that level of growth despite having two glaring holes in the way we sell our physical and virtual backup appliances and associated cloud services.

The first glaring hole was that we sold almost entirely in North America.  That was fixed earlier this year when we announced our international expansion.  We now have teams on the ground internationally and are ramping up sales as I write this.  Pretty exciting stuff.

But what’s the other hole?  It’s that hole that the countdown timer on the front page and the picture of the dude in the cloud are referencing.  But what could it be?  What could have a tremendous impact on Unitrends, its growth, and most importantly its partners and its customers?

Here’s the best hint I can give you.  Unitrends is one of the few backup companies today that simply doesn’t have a service provider offering.  Now – that’s kind of strange – because service providers are growing like crazy.  And yet it’s a fact.  There’s simply no service provider offering from Unitrends.

Does that mean that there aren’t service providers who are selling Unitrends today?  Nope – the offerings we’ve developed have been compelling enough that we have a few petabytes under service provider management.

So while I’m not allowed by our marketing group to tell you what we’re going to announce (I think the gentle phrase they used was “shut up or we’ll stake you to an anthill” 🙂 ) – and there are a LOT more coming – think this is a pretty good hint.

If you have thoughts about service providers, clouds, backup, or anything else – we’d love to hear from you.


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