Backup, Compression, Encryption, Deduplication, and Replication

In the past few days, I’ve posted some fairly introductory articles concerning this subject; namely

  • Backup and Data Reduction (Compression and Deduplication) Basics
  • Backup, Compression, Deduplication, SNIA, and “Playing with Words”
  • Backup and Deduplication Basics: Encryption and Physical Storage Density and Pricing

This morning, I was going to post another article in this series; but ran across  a great blog post from Stephen Fosket entitled Compression, Encryption, Deduplication, and Replication: Strange Bedfellows.  It goes into more detail concerning a specific challenge that the author faced using standard tools and what he did about it.  For this morning, I’m going to simply point to this excellent post – then in one of my next postings I’ll talk about what Unitrends did with respect to this challenge.


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