Backup. Go Forward.

This month marks my tenth anniversary with Unitrends.  I can remember when I started working with the company the common wisdom was that backup was boring.  I’d been working as a consultant for over twelve years working with early stage software startup companies; prior to that I had run systems management and server businesses within large companies.  Unitrends was very different than any other company that I had worked with – it was a vertically integrated business rather than the more traditional horizontally integrated business.  In other words, Unitrends was an appliance business rather than a pure software or pure hardware business.  I joined Unitrends because everyone I knew thought backup was a pain in the rear end – so a “solution” focus based upon a purpose built backup appliance seemed to address customer pain.

It’s also ten years ago that Apple introduced the iPhone.  Apple revolutionized the telephone by vertically integrating the everything from the hardware to the platform software to the music player to eventually the cloud.  Equally important, with that degree of vertical integration, Apple pursued radical simplicity and elegance of their “solution.”  And therein lies the heart of how Apple was able to revolutionize their market – they simply did a better job of offering their customer an integrated all-in-one solution.

At the heart of Unitrends is our customer – the IT professional who must walk a tightrope or fear creating a future of downtime and missing data. How does that IT pro have the confidence to go forward each day?  Particularly when a misstep can bring down a business?  By being able to master time – by using backup to reduce risk and gain confidence as she moves forward into an uncertain future.

In my next few blog posts I’m going to discuss the heart of Unitrends – where we’re taking the company over the next ten years.

As always, would love to hear your questions and comments.


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