That’s right two releases – it’s been two months; it’s almost Christmas – although we’d say christmas has already arrived with our releases following their usual monthly release schedule AND the team is looking forward to seeing the latest Bond movie.

This is what you will see in the current release 1.1.5 with the last three items being added in v.1.1.4

Error management

Occasionally customers run into an issue with their replications, particularly when also using another backup vendor. This can result in the dreaded “VM LOCKED” error. We’ve always provided the ability to unlock a Virtual Machine on request now we’ve just made this process simpler and you’ll see a central location to manage this.

Even more email notifications

A default recipient can be set for an appliance so all notifications will send to that email address. Of course you can override this at the protection group – AND we let you know there’s an update available on the appliance (or you could just check our blog every day)

RTO estimation

Our most popular question is “How long is deploy going to take?” – that’s always tricky to answer based on all the different parameters and generally humans just get these things wrong anyway. So we’ve developed a formula that when you deploy gives you an estimate of when the selected Virtual Machines from the protection group will be in service. In all our testing, it’s very close to being exact – which is great for an estimate!

Support of SUSE Linux Enterprise

Even though AWS doesn’t say so – we can actually support the deployment of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 and 12. Strangely SLES SP4 is problematic, however SP3 works just fine. It can be a long time between updates from SUSE, so we’d recommend moving to the latest supported.

Tagging of S3 buckets

S3 buckets can now be tagged with the same tags as your Protection Group giving better accounting of used resources. Give it a try – create a resource group in your AWS management console, and see the tracking goodness.

More Disks!

So this is an interesting one – we’ve had requests from customers that have had more than 10 disks attached to Virtual Machines, while there used to be a limit of 10 to the number of disks, we’ve now raised it to 20 – so now replication, deployment, copyback and restore of Virtual Machines with up to 20 disks is supported.

So that’s it – I can’t WAIT to tell you what we have planned for the next few releases, so keep tuned to this channel – in the meantime have a listen to one of my favourite Jazz Ska band “The Cat Empire” out of Melbourne – with their rendition of Hotel California.

Stay Classy