Hello Boomerang users – Release v1.1.6 is out. You will automatically receive this update when you log into Boomerang. Here are the highlights:

Support for AWS S3 “Standard Infrequent Access” (AWS S3 IA) storage class.  The Credentials Profile configuration UI now allows the user to choose between S3 Standard or Standard_IA storage classes for the configured S3 bucket.  The default remains ‘Standard’.  After changing the storage class then any subsequent replications to that bucket will use the chosen class.

AWS S3 IA is priced at roughly 55% less per terabyte than AWS S3, trading off storage cost savings for minimum storage duration and retrieval fees (S3 is free; S3 IA is $.01 per GB). More AWS pricing and usage information here.

Improved VMware Change Block Tracking (CBT). To reduce VM replication times, Boomerang now defaults to “on” for protection group CBT.

Improved VMware snapshot management. Boomerang will now automatically remove VM snapshots as VMs in a protection group complete their replication jobs, rather than wait until the entire protection group has been replicated. This change reduces the possibility of i/o contention for large protection groups. Boomerang will also remove VM snapshots left orphaned from a previous replication attempt that failed for whatever reason, instead of leaving them in place.

Updated OpenSSL. Release 1.1.6 features the lastest version of the openSSL package, keeping pace with known security issues.

Protection from Unexpected VM Replication. In the previous release of Boomerang, when the appliance settings page was viewed or changed, then saved, defined protection group replication sometimes began running unexpectedly. Release 1.1.6 addresses this issue.