Cloud Backup Series

This post is one of a series regarding cloud backup.  See these links for more information concerning Unitrends cloud backup along with an overview of Vault2Cloud: Unitrends enterprise level cloud backup service.

Cloud Backup: Advantages of General Cloud Solutions

The fundamental advantages of cloud-based computing are

  • Reducing costs.  This advantage is  primarily accomplished by eliminating capital expenditure and reducing operational expenditure.  For multi-tenant public clouds, cost reduction is also possible by the pooling of information technology resources in order to be able to meet peak demand with effectively less information technology resources.
  • Ability to quickly scale.  This advantage refers to the fact that because cloud-based computing typically has excess capacity, that this excess capacity may be provisioned quickly and in a highly responsive and nimble fashion to those users requesting it.  To put this more simply, there is no wait for new hardware and/or software to be ordered and installed.
  • Well-defined service level agreements resulting from measured service.  Typically cloud-based computing services are priced to some degree based on usage characteristics; thus the service level agreements associated with everything from availability to performance are more rigorously captured than alternative solutions.
Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch – there are some disadvantages associated with cloud-based computing as well. These are discussed in the next post in this series.