Cloud Backup Series

This post is one of a series regarding cloud backup.  See these links for more information concerning Unitrends cloud backupalong with an overview of Vault2Cloud: Unitrends enterprise level cloud backup service.

Cloud Backup: Manageability

Because clouds can be somewhat amorphous in nature to the end user and because users perceive a loss of control when using clouds, the manageability of the cloud is very important. Fortunately, with an on-premise appliance, this is made much easier. The ability to manage, and in particular the flexibility around throttling vaulting bandwidth  to the cloud, is of paramount importance. The ability to select which clients are vaulting and which aren’t (so that you can use alternative disaster recovery methods such as rotational archiving – which will be discussed in more detail in a later post) is also very important.

What you want to look for here are highly visual user interfaces that enable you to intuitively and elegantly monitor and manage the resources that you are using in the cloud – and for those interfaces to provide you the type of real-time tactile feedback so that you don’t feel “remoted” from the resources in the cloud that are serving you.