Cloud Backup Series

This post is one of a series regarding cloud backup.  See these links for more information concerning Unitrends cloud backup along with an overview of Vault2Cloud: Unitrends enterprise level cloud backup service.

Cloud Backup: Quickly Recovering from Real Disasters

It’s one thing to recover a file, a group of files, a directory, or even a volume.  It’s another to recover not only a whole system (a BareMetal image) but an entire information technology infrastructure consisting of multiple protected computers and to do so quickly.  And yet in the case of a natural or man-made disaster, this is precisely what the information technology department has to do to keep a business up and running.

For that reason, it’s important that your cloud-based data protection vendor be able to allow you to quickly recover from a disaster.  Some offer the ability to ship you your data on various media.  Make sure that you understand how this works – procuring and installing a backup server, storage, networking, an  operating system, backup software, and various other software and then restoring that shipped media is pretty complex.  Unitrends offers an optional service known as RapidReplacement™ that provides next-day business shipment of one of our backup appliances for truly rapid recovery from disasters.