Cloud Backup Series

This post is one of a series regarding cloud backup.  See these links for more information concerning Unitrends cloud backup along with an overview of Vault2Cloud: Unitrends enterprise level cloud backup service.

Cloud Backup: Quickly Uploading Protected Data

If it takes 30-60 days to recover (download) 1TB of data using a 1.5Mbps T1, then it takes at least that long to upload 1TB of data to the cloud.  And believe it or not, that’s actually the best case.  It assumes not only 100% of the bandwidth can be dedicated to the upload, but it assumes a “symmetric” WAN.  WANs can be characterized into two types: symmetric and asymmetric.  Symmetric WANs upload and download data at the same rate; asymmetric WANs typically upload data at a slower rate than they download data.

Many cloud-based data protection vendors, even those with on-premise backup appliances, force you to wait weeks and months to upload your data over the WAN.  A few, such as Unitrends with its Vault2Cloud™ service, offer a faster way to protect your data.  Unitrends offers an optional service called RapidSeed™ which allows the shipment of media from the on-premise backup appliance for fast initial seeding of the vaulted data.  After that, you can immediately begin protecting  your data on a daily basis.