Cloud Solutions for Business Continuity: Are You Keeping Up with the Jones?

Understanding Cloud Solutions

To understand the use of Cloud-based solutions for backup and recovery, Unitrends recently conducted their 3rd annual survey of a broad range of IT professionals. We were looking for insight into companies’ strategies regarding their implementation of Cloud-based backup, recovery and business continuity solutions. Analysis of the results provided some interesting and unexpected results.  Wherever you are on your journey, odds are that you will learn from those who have made the move.

Peace of Mind 

In reviewing this year’s results, we learned that both those who have implemented these solutions and those who have not done so actually face similar challenges. And, we also saw some differences between the two groups, often in the degree of impact.  For instance, while business continuity was identified as a key challenge for both segments, it was the case for a higher percentage of NonCloud users.  This, along with other responses, indicate that many enterprises turned to Cloud-based solutions to address their needs for business continuity.  Results indicate that these solutions are suiting them.  This group also has greater piece of mind when it comes to their ability to maintain business continuity in the face of a disaster.

Many IT professionals cited benefits that they have realized from using Cloud for backup and recovery. And we noticed a number of factors prohibiting its adoption by some, including concerns about costs and security. Further inspection revealed that a number of those concerns can be addressed with the right questions while evaluating cloud options. Our report, available for your download, takes a look at the advantages enjoyed by those who have transitioned to cloud solutions and drawbacks for those who haven’t. Throughout the review and analysis of responses, a number of interesting trends emerged. For instance, there are gaps in business continuity plans in both segments.   Neither group is doing a consistent job of verifying that the plans and processes they have in place will work. Would this be true of your organization as well?

Keep Up With the Jones

To read more about your peers and their use of cloud-based solutions for backup, recovery and business continuity, download the report Cloud for Business Continuity.


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