Unitrends recently announced the inclusion of flash storage in their Recovery-Series physical backup appliances. So, I thought it might be timely to take a look at the continued rise of flash.

Over the last few years the storage market has moved forward in leaps and bounds with recent storage developments focused on and primarily being driven by flash storage.


The final frontier (Spock homage) of 150 IOPS per drive is well and truly smashed with SSD drives now routinely delivering way above that.

So why is Flash better? In short flash storage is faster, consumes less power, is more reliable and requires less space. As data doesn’t have to be broken up across disk drives for performance reasons this means flash arrays can consolidate more info in one place. Taking Moore’s Law into account when considering the future this than means that flash array performance and capacity will increase significantly in coming years!

This begs the question…. “Will spinning disks ever go the way of the Dodo?”.


Well that’s certainly the way the market is heading, although a huge number of companies still back up to tape so in some instances businesses will stick to the model of “if it’s not broken then don’t fix it”.

This may seem a good business option for companies looking to reduce their IT development expenditure, but it lacks vision and will likely see your business lay out a larger chunk of cash in the future.

Software and hardware development tend to walk at the pace of the fastest “practical” person and in the coming years (and even now) will have to make the move to embrace all-flash environments. An example of this is VSAN 6.0 which now supports all Flash environments (as i covered in my “What’s new in vSphere 6 post“)! 🙂

What else will flash do for us? Well increased performance of storage will arguably mean users will expect better application performance, enterprise-wide data access will be required as a standard and query performance times will shrink from minutes to seconds. All this will make for more agile and productive businesses that will also require better working efficiency across the board. Time is money and being agile will require all business departments to pull their boots up!

Oh and I know it’s been a bit late as it’s been over a week but I thought I’d end this post by saying RIP Mr Spock!



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