Data Recovery Wars – How to avoid the dark side

The Path that Leads to the Recovery Side

 A long time ago in a CIO office not so far away, the battle between data loss and data recovery started. Today, the data center landscape continues to evolve—growth rates are exploding, and the number of mission-critical applications continues to increase. Keeping up with changing data trends is no job for mere mortals—it’s a task for a Jedi.

But before you enter the academy, young Padawan, you first must know thy enemy.

 The Threat of the Data Loss Empire

According to the latest Galactic survey, one in three businesses declared a major data loss disaster in the past five years. And when your base isn’t fully operational, it costs more than $163,000 every hour the system is down. Worse yet, some bases never recover, leaving everyone stuck in the trash compactor.

But fear not! (After all, fear leads to the dark side.) Unitrends offers everything you need to rebel against the evil forces of data loss and stay in the light.

 The Ways of the Data Recovery Jedi

Your training begins with identifying your base’s most critical systems and processes, and estimating the effect an outage would have. By doing so, you’ll be able to provide a differentiated level of service based on priority and efficiency. And remember, even the mighty Death Star was defeated by overlooking the importance of a single thermal exhaust shaft.

Master Your Training

How can you make sure every aspect of your data recovery system is prepared for an unexpected onslaught?


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