What Kind of Data Recovery Jedi are You?

The Jedi Counsel Has Assembled…
Do you feel the alluring pull of the Force? Perhaps you even feel the midi-chlorians surging through your veins? If so, it’s time to put your Jedi skills to the test.

Take our Recovery Wars: The Data Awakens quiz to see how prepared you are to fight off the evil empire of data loss and make a stand for the data recovery rebellion. Simply answer 4 questions to discover whether you’re a Padawan, Knight, or Jedi Master.

And we know what you’re thinking—what self-respecting Jedi doesn’t own a droid? That’s why you’ll be automatically entered to win a BB-8 Droid of your very own after completing the quiz.*

*The last day to be entered to win a BB-8 Droid is January 31, 2016. Winners will be randomly drawn on February 1, 2016 and will be notified via email. Unitrends employees and partners are not eligible. The value of the BB-8 Droid is $150. Giveaway is subject to change.


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