Unitrends Demonstrates Hybrid-Cloud Leadership In New DCIG 2016-17 Hybrid-Cloud Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide

New Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide Available

The backup and continuity market is a crowded and dynamic space.   There are many competing solutions that profess to be the best way to protect your data and keep your business up and running no matter what.   Each of these competing companies are spinning their own story in an attempt to cut through the noise.

Sorting through the noise to do an apples-to-apples comparison of products can be a challenge.  This is particularly true for busy IT professionals who are already stretched on time and are constantly being asked to do more with less.

Fortunately, there are buyer’s guides produced by unbiased third parties that compare competing solutions and can help IT leaders recognize the strengths and weaknesses of different backup appliance offers.  DCIG, the technology analyst firm that focuses on enterprise data protection and data storage, produces several of these buyer’s guides.

DCIG released their latest buyer’s guide for hybrid cloud backup appliances this week.

The DCIG buyer’s guides are unique in that they compare scores of products on the basis of more than 100 features, and then rank those products against the needs of the market. This year they evaluated 130 products in their body of research for backup appliances.  Products that obtain a Recommended, Excellent or Good ranking are listed in the guide.  DCIG also offers an interactive guide to end users so they can compare all 130 products they evaluated in their research.

Another convenient aspect of the DCIG guides is the summary datasheet produced for each product.  During their research process, DCIG normalizes the different marketing terms used by the different vendors for similar technology.  This process allows them to create a concise one-page datasheet for each product that enables easy side by side comparisons.

The buyer’s guide released today focused on Hybrid Cloud Backup Appliances.  Hybrid Cloud Backup Appliances are becoming the go-to solution for many enterprises and organization who need both onsite and offsite backup and continuity.     Hybrid Cloud appliances provide backup and recovery of applications and data on-premises, and also enabled backup copies to be moved off-site to one or more clouds for regulatory, long term data retention or DR reasons.

Unitrends Demonstrates Leadership

This year appliances from 6 vendors met the inclusion criteria and obtained a ranking of Recommended, Excellent or Good for inclusion in the DCIG 2016-17 Hybrid Cloud Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide.

Unitrends was pleased to have 6 models listed at the top of the rankings in the recommended category including the Recovery 824S, 933S, 936S, 943S, 944S and 946S.  This is more recommended models than all the other vendors combined.  Unitrends also placed 5 additional models in the Excellent category.  Again this was by far the most.   All told Unitrends had 11 models in the Excellent and Recommended categories.  Only 7 appliances from 2 other vendors were placed in these categories.   All other appliances evaluated were either ranked as merely Good, or did not meet the inclusion requirements at all for listing.

This buyer’s guide is an unbiased evaluation of the various appliances in the market and clearly demonstrates Unitrends value proposition. We offer all-in-one hybrid-cloud backup appliances focused on meeting the needs of the busy IT professional and that deliver:

  • Ease of Use
  • Highly optimized performance
  • Enterprise capabilities
  • Protection for physical, virtual and cloud workloads
  • The industry’s broadest set of cloud options for storing backup copies offsite and delivering Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Recovery confidence

The DCIG 2016-17 Hybrid Cloud Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide can be viewed at: dcig.com


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