How Effective Were Your 2017 DR Efforts?

2017 is rapidly drawing to a close. This season can be a pretty busy time with the holidays, Q4 business and budgeting for the upcoming year. But it is also a good time to step back, take a breath and consider what happened in 2017 while the memories are still strong. In IT change is inevitable. Data volumes grew, new apps were deployed, and business expanded, and these challenges competed for the time you spent on your DR program. The question you should be considering is “what could I have improved upon last year and am I prepared for the coming changes as I can be?”

To help you answer this question, we have created a 5 Minute DR Checkup. With a few details about your disaster recovery metrics, this tool is able to make personalized projections and recommendations to improve your odds of reducing the length and impact of future downtime events. We also include some links to calculators that help size the DR challenge. Specific guidance is provided for:

Cost of Downtime

Do you know the cost of a downtime event? While most people consider only lost, unrecoverable data, the expenses are really much broader than that. The full cost of downtime has to include lost business from customers unable to access your systems, lost productivity from employees not able to do their job, and costs associated with recovery tasks such as cloud storage retrieval fees. Learn the fully loaded costs of a downtime event to truly understand if you have correctly sized your DR investment.

Business Impact

The length of downtime events is the other half of the DR equation. Downtime events can be short, such as those caused by a hard drive crash, local electrical failure or software upgrade issue. Extended downtime events include site level disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes or major issues caused by untested software patches. Even cutting the length of a downtime event in half can save your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Take this 5 Minute DR Checkup to see how prepared you are for the future. You will see what others in the industry project as to the size and timing of downtime events. You will also receive advice on how to reduce that impact and speed the time of your recovery. The tool also includes access to four calculators you can use to fine tune with your specific metrics and gain insights to your specific set of circumstances.


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