Fall Back in Love With Your Backup

It’s time to put on those rose-tinted glasses because love is certainly in the air. Although Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14, the spirit and zeal of the occasion reverberates for days.

While this is the perfect time to shower gifts on your loved ones, if you are an IT pro, it’s also the ideal time to fall back in love with your backup solution.

What makes a valentine so special is having a shoulder to lean when the going gets tough, and it’s no different in the business world. Your organization could face a data disaster at any time due to a natural disaster, a cyberattack or even human error. That’s why prioritizing and choosing an ideal backup solution is the best Valentine’s Day gift you could give your organization.

But before we delve into checking the aspects of an ideal backup solution that will best fit your needs, let’s take a look at some heartbreaking challenges modern organizations face today.

Data is everywhere. Data footprints of organizations are sprawling, from on-premise infrastructures to hybrid and multicloud environments. No matter where data resides, whether on-premises, in endpoints, SaaS applications or the cloud, organizations need a solution to protect it all.

 Cybercrime is rampant. Ransomware threats, account takeover attacks and phishing schemes are all increasing at a staggering rate. It is no longer a matter of “if” a cyberattack will occur but rather “when.” Unfortunately, even backups are increasingly being targeted by the bad guys to cripple the recovery capacity of their target companies.

 Backups are unpredictable. Recovery success (or failure) is often unknown until restoration is attempted. Organizations need to be able to test their backups and have 100% confidence in their recovery capability.

 Staffing is stagnant. While the proliferation of data has drastically outpaced the growth in IT staff, budgets have stayed flat or declined. This means IT teams are constantly forced to do more with less.

An ideal solution must address all these challenges without breaking the bank. If you’re wondering whether there’s a solution out there that can help you cost-effectively face these challenges head on and make your heart flutter, you’re in luck.

Unitrends Unified BCDR protects all your data no matter where it lives. It provides end-to-end data loss prevention against cybercrime and human error, encrypts your data backups so that cybercriminals cannot target it and automates away the daily grind by removing manual (but critical) tasks.​ In essence, it is a single, unified solution to protect your business-critical data, eliminating the cost and time of managing multiple vendors. Sounds like a match made in the backup heaven, doesn’t it?

But don’t just take it from us. Here’s why our customers have fallen in love with Unitrends.

Heart With Arrow with solid fill Comprehensive and purpose-built

“We needed an off-site cloud backup to keep our files safe in case of any data loss. It gives us peace of mind and doesn’t break the bank. We love Unitrends backup.”Michael T., IT Manager

Heart With Arrow with solid fillEase of use

“The Unitrends product fulfills all of our backup and disaster recovery requirements and I love how easy it is to actually restore a server in the event of an emergency or misconfiguration.”Matthew G., Information Systems Administrator

Heart With Arrow with solid fillA single pane of glass

“We love the single pane of glass approach to the Unitrends appliance. We have on-prem backups and can quickly and easily restore from the cloud if necessary. Benefits are peace of mind.” Lane A., Director of IT

More than 30,000 businesses like them have put their faith in Unitrends and reaped the benefits — and you could be next. Choose Unitrends and fall back in love with your backup this Valentine’s season. Let us cherish a relationship that lasts forever. See how Unitrends’ Unified BCDR platform can cater to all your backup and disaster recovery needs.


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