Is your Exchange this well-protected?

In my last post, I provided an overview of the Exchange data protection architecture provided by Microsoft. If you’re unfamiliar with how VSS-based Exchange backups (also called snapshots) work, I’d recommend checking it out.

In today’s post, I’m going to share some of the top reasons why my company, Unitrends, offers the best data protection for Microsoft Exchange in the industry.  I shortened the list a great deal. If you’d like to peruse the list in its entirety, including reading greater descriptions of each feature, I’d recommend downloading my free whitepaper, Protecting Windows: Microsoft Exchange Server Data Protection.

  • Fully integrated with the Exchange VSS writer technology for consistent, reliable backups; The Unitrends Exchange Server agent implements a VSS requestor that is fully integrated with the Exchange Server VSS writer.
  • Full and differential backups of mailbox and public folder databases; Unitrends offers full and differential backups of the entire Exchange Server infrastructure.
  • Full a priori Exchange integrity checking performed inline; Unitrends performs complete inline Exchange Server integrity validation before it invokes the Exchange Server VSS writer infrastructure for validation of the Exchange Server storage infrastructure.
  • Powerful, flexible, and comprehensive scheduling allows administrators to create, manage, and monitor schedules from a single pane of glass user interface.
  • Exchange backup status is easily viewed and integrated with all other system, file, and application backup types. Unitrends doesn’t just protect Exchange but the entire underlying server structure in addition to all of the other computers and storage that constitute the customer’s IT infrastructure.
  • Intuitive point-in-time recovery capability with support for original and alternative location restoration using our easy-to-use user interface.
  • Supports restoration to an alternative location on the Unitrends’ appliance for fast, granular item-level recovery.
  • Supports migration among Exchange servers when using alternative location restoration.
  • Exchange backups are compressed using Unitrends’ proprietary iseReduced compression technology on the Unitrends’ appliance without impacting performance on your Exchange server.
  • Optional  AES-256 bit encryption of Exchange backups via the Unitrends’ Incrypt technology on the Unitrends’ appliance.