FLEXspend for Unitrends: Future-Proof Your IT Investments

“Change is the only thing that is constant.” — Heraclitus

Today, the business world and the technologies that drive it are undergoing rapid changes due to digital transformation, remote and hybrid work, changing customer expectations, cyberthreats, and data storage and management challenges. As a result, organizations of all sizes must keep pace with a constantly evolving business landscape and IT requirements to stay relevant and competitive.

One common outcome of digital transformation is the migration of mission-critical workloads and applications from on-prem to cloud platforms. For example, many businesses across verticals are moving on-premises IT workloads and other critical business operations to cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure or migrating on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server to cloud-based Microsoft 365.

According to the Google Cloud Brand Pulse Survey, Q4 2022, over 40% of business leaders said they plan to increase the use of cloud-based products and services due to the current macroeconomic conditions. In the survey, more than 30% of cloud leaders also said they are shifting from legacy enterprise software to cloud-based tools, and another 32.8% revealed that they plan to migrate on-premises workloads to the cloud.

As businesses shift their mission-critical workloads from on-premises data centers to cloud environments or vice versa, they must also change data protection technologies designed for that environment. This often translates into additional costs and complexity associated with data migration and security. That’s where FLEXspend for Unitrends can be a game changer for your business.

Introducing FLEXspend for Unitrends

FLEXspend for Unitrends is a unique program designed to protect your IT investments while delivering on ever-changing business needs.​ This program allows you to swiftly respond to constantly evolving IT requirements by seamlessly converting licensing from one module to another within the most comprehensive backup and disaster recovery portfolio in the industry to meet your organizational needs.

Future-proof your IT investments

Your IT needs change — on-prem servers move to the cloud, Microsoft Exchange shifts to Microsoft 365, Mac devices replace PCs and so on — but data protection remains a necessity. With FLEXspend for Unitrends, you can easily reassign your committed contract investments from one solution to another within the Unitrends Unified Backup suite as your data landscape evolves.

Protect business data no matter where it lives

Whether your organization’s mission-critical data is on-premises, in cloud platforms or SaaS applications, FLEXspend for Unitrends allows you to cater to your data protection needs without any hassle. Your budget is protected by a program that doesn’t lock your backup solution into an underlying infrastructure or platform. Easily reassign your backup contract to another solution within Unitrends to protect any workload — on-premises, remote, distributed and cloud servers, or data stored in SaaS applications like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and Salesforce.

Replace solutions to match your needs

IT needs constantly evolve, and so should your data backup and disaster recovery solutions. However, costs, complexity and risks associated with data migration and security can be a major cause for concern, especially if you are switching from one vendor to another. The FLEXspend for Unitrends program simplifies data protection, allowing you to conveniently convert licensing from one backup module to another, even during the committed service contract. You’re also provided a 60-day grace period during which both data protection technologies are available in parallel, at no extra charge, while you safely migrate production data to the new platform.

Get peace of mind knowing your investments are predictable and safe

FLEXspend for Unitrends future-proofs your IT investments and lets you get the most out of them. This program saves costs and reduces risks while ensuring predictable returns on your investments in Unitrends backup and disaster recovery solutions. FLEXspend for Unitrends gives you greater flexibility to plan and predict data backup and protection budgets without being locked into the underlying infrastructure or platform.

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