My wife and I enjoy the thrill of gambling, recreationally of course. We take the occassional trip to Vegas to experience the atmosphere. We love to win, and we budget how much we can lose. On the business front, however, we’re much more conservative.

A casino in California is making a move to social media as part of their marketing plan. The Cache Creek Casino and Resort in northern California “uses Facebook and Twitter to connect with customers, and looking for ways to keep customers informed via their cell phones.” Is this approach a gamble or a sure bet?

With the growth of social media as a business tool, the security and data protection within the social media infrastructure becomes paramount. Facebook now claims over 175 million users and is growing at a torrid pace. What began as a college networking site has now grown across all demographics. Businesses want to capitalize on the networking opportunity to reach more customers and to provide a better customer experience.

But is it a gamble? As the data on the site moves from personal, casual information to marketing information — part of the business data — is the data secure and safe. There are companies now providing services to protect your “online life.” There’s also a post on free tools that are available for backing up your online accounts. These tools have a consumer orientation.

For businesses, the data protection strategies of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are worth investigating as you move to utilize these rapidly growing networking sites as part of your marketing strategy. Utilizing online account backup tools in conjunction with your companies overall data protection strategy will be critical in avoiding a loss when you go all-in.