Gen 10: Redefining Data Protection to Secure Your Future

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing digital landscape, protecting your business-critical data can be a daunting task. The continuous growth of data across various platforms and environments is redefining the very essence of data protection. Meanwhile, cyberthreats are evolving at breakneck speed, with cybercriminals leveraging innovative tactics and cutting-edge technologies to launch increasingly sophisticated and damaging attacks. According to Statista, the global cost of cybercrime is expected to almost triple in the next five years, rising from $8.44 trillion in 2022 to $23.84 trillion by 2027.

The ongoing rise in the hybrid work model and the growing number of employees and systems outside conventional IT perimeters will only worsen this scenario. How can businesses ensure their operational continuity in this growingly intricate landscape? That’s where the resilient backup and recovery solutions of Unitrends are a game changer.

No matter where your data lives — on-premises, various clouds, SaaS applications or remote endpoints — Unitrends can comprehensively protect it, all while cutting down on your management time and costs. What’s more? You get unprecedented flexibility with Unitrends in your corner. FLEXspend for Unitrends is a one-of-its-kind program designed to protect your IT investments while delivering on ever-changing business needs. Your investment is not locked into an underlying infrastructure or platform. FLEXspend enables you to seamlessly convert licensing from one backup module to another, future-proofing your backup and recovery needs with the industry’s most complete backup and disaster recovery portfolio.

Underlining our continued commitment to protect data wherever it resides, we at Unitrends are thrilled to announce the launch of our next generation of backup appliances — Gen 10. A significant upgrade to our Gen 9 appliances, these cutting-edge enterprise backup appliances deliver lightning-fast backup and restore, unmatched reliability and unparalleled security to safeguard your business-critical data.

Unitrends Gen 10: The future of resilience is now

We understand the challenges of dealing with the ever-growing volume of organizational data and the increasing threat of cyberattacks. To address these challenges, we have introduced a revolutionary hardware architecture that enhances stability and performance across the board of Gen 10 appliances. The latest version also brings significant enhancements to the backup, deduplication, replication and recovery functions. The Gen 10 appliances are available in 15 models, ranging from 2TB to 120TB in size, so you can choose the Unitrends backup appliance that best meets your needs and budget.

Let’s briefly look at the different models of Gen 10 and the improvements they have obtained.

10002 Model (aka ION)

  • The 10002 Model appliance, aka ION, features an all-new desktop form factor that substantially increases the efficiency and performance of the device.
  • The device has 500% performance improvement, significantly more processing capacity (6 cores, 12 threads) and 100% more RAM than its Gen 9 counterpart.
  • The 10002 model has a 2TB SSD for backup storage and a 256GB SSD for appliance OS & database. This has significantly improved the performance and backup capacity of the device (from 1.1TB to 1.4TB, assuming 30 days of local retention).
  • The device is more than powerful enough to support on-host disaster recovery — great for small branch locations and sites with limited recovery infrastructure.

10016 – 10024 Models: 16TB – 24TB

  • Our 1U rackmount model portfolio has also received significant updates to improve efficiency and remove bottlenecks.
  • The 16TB to 24TB models have gained 20%-50% performance improvement over their Gen 9 counterparts. This was achieved by replacing the Gen 9 SATA + flash cache configuration with dedicated SAS drives. During extensive testing, we found that SAS drives outperform the SSD cache/SATA drive combination used in Gen 9 for greater speed and reliability in Gen 10. 
  • These rackmount models also have superior networking capability — now supporting SFP28+ (25Gbps connection and backward compatible with 10G and 1G networks) and 16Gbps fiber channel (upgraded from 8Gbps).

10032 – 10120 Models: 32TB – 120TB

  • The 2U rackmount models also feature an upgraded architecture.
  • The software-defined components (for hashing, dedupe, etc.) have been moved to NVME flash storage to deliver superior performance, especially during large volumes of concurrent jobs. As a result, we’re seeing a 50% performance enhancement over comparable Gen 9 models.
  • Networking capability is also superior, with these models now supporting SFP28+ (25Gbps connection and backward compatibility with 10G and 1G networks) and 16Gbps fiber channel (upgraded from 8Gbps).

Protecting your business-critical data shouldn’t mean added work or complexity. That’s why we have pre-configured Unitrends appliances with computing, storage, networking and backup software. With these turnkey business continuity solutions, you just have to rack, connect and go. Policy-based scheduling will easily automate your backups and replication and orchestrate recovery workflows.

However, it is also important to remember the criticality of keeping a copy of your data backup in a secure off-site location, especially in case of a security breach at your primary site. Fortunately, Unitrends offers several options for off-site backups. For safekeeping, you can replicate a backup copy to a Unitrends appliance at your disaster recovery (DR) site. In an outage, you can instantly spin up applications or the entire site from the backup.

If you want to store your backup within the cloud, Unitrends offers an incredibly inexpensive and fully automated cloud storage with Unitrends Forever Cloud. It does not have egress fees, per-incident charges or other unpredictable costs and complexities involved with public clouds. You can recover individual files, folders or entire backup groups on demand, without additional charges.

If your organization doesn’t have the budget or resources to research, implement and test DR plans, then Unitrends DRaaS is the best option for you. Our white-glove service eliminates the time, hassle and expense of managing an off-site for DR. Moreover, our new all-flash cloud infrastructure provides an 8x improvement in the performance of Premium and Elite DRaaS instances. A simple call to our award-winning support team will help you instantly spin up your critical systems and applications in the secure Unitrends Cloud.

To learn more about our all-in-one, next-generation backup appliances, visit this page.


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