Get Your World Backup Day Poster

As we countdown to World Backup Day on March 31, it’s the perfect time to remind your users about the importance of protecting their (and your) data.

IT pros know best—you should ALWAYS back up your data. But no one’s perfect, and sometimes end users simply forget. (Or worse, they never bothered to learn how in the first place!) We’re here to help—here’s a little reminder you can share with your coworkers on the importance of backing up. Email this poster to colleagues, or print and hang it up around the office. Your coworkers will be sure to have a chuckle…but better yet, they’ll understand that backing up can save ‘em a lot of headaches down the road.

Click the image to get your poster:

Take a little time this World Backup Day to pass along some helpful advice.  Regularly back up the data on PCs, mobile devices, servers, and storage arrays… and rest easier at night. Store it onsite, somewhere offsite, in the cloud, or even better: all of the above! The more backups you have now, the less the chance you’ll be crying later. And don’t forget to TEST YOUR BACKUPS regularly! A backup is only good if you can retrieve data from it… and preferably quickly.

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