Nobody Likes Surprises—Avoid Hidden Fees with Our New Whitepaper

In today’s rapidly changing IT industry, the need for data storage is growing exponentially. And with cloud storage costs as low as 1 cent per month per GB, that may seem like an affordable option. But as your backup needs grow over time, so does your bill. Furthermore, many vendors charge hidden fees and penalties—just for retrieving your data!

Our new whitepaper “The 5 Hidden Costs of Backup” will help you avoid paying hidden costs with your backup solution. In this second blog post, we’ll explore two more hidden fees you need to avoid.

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Cost of Retrieval Fees

Many of the low cost hyperscale cloud storage solutions are designed as cold storage—basically they don’t expect you to access your data frequently. And when you do need to access your data, you’re charged a fee. If you have multiple events and need to restore a lost system or recover from a disaster, these access fees can add up fast.


Cost of Network Egress Fees

All cloud backup services allow you to insert you data for free (Network Ingress). But many vendors charge network fees to move your data out of the cloud to another geography or to the Internet (Network Egress). These network egress fees vary greatly by cloud provider and depend on the amount of data moved in a month and the geography where the data resides. Once again, these fees can really add up.

Compare the Costs

Want to compare the costs of different cloud backup services? Check out our free cloud comparison cost calculator.