How to Get Duped by Deduplication: Overlook Integration, Management, and Maintenance Costs

Deduplication is far from simple. You have several choices regarding dealing with the complexity of deduplication. The first is to purchase some backup software with deduplication capabilities built into it. You will then be responsible for integrating, managing, and maintaining your backup server, its operating system, and your backup software. This is viable – but it means that you are going to need people who not only perform the initial installation but who handle making this work on an on-going basis. And if something goes wrong, you’re pretty much on your own.

Another choice is to buy a separate deduplication device. At least with this approach you are not attempting to integrate, manage, and maintain your deduplication software. Of course, you’re still going to be handling those tasks with respect to your backup server and your deduplication device.

A third choice is to buy an integrated backup appliance with integrated deduplication. This approach works best if you don’t have the staffing or inclination to have more of a dedicated focus on backup.

The Complete Series: How to Get Duped by Deduplication