I’ve written about Microsoft’s improvements in their virtualization technology in several blog posts recently, and I found an interesting piece of info as I was reviewing the list of upcoming features in Unitrends next release (7.3).

In past versions of Hyper-V (2008 R2), IT environments leveraging CSV’s (cluster shared volumes) were limited to backing up guests running on a CSV serially. No parallel backups were allowed. As a result, we developed our Hyper-V guest-level backup solution to prevent this failure scenario from occurring. We buffered our users from experiencing this host-level failure by forcing Hyper-V host-level backups to launch serially (i.e. one at a time).

In Windows Server 2012, this limitation has been lifted by Microsoft. Hyper-v CSV configurations can now perform guest backups in parallel. This has HUGE impact on reducing backup windows, RTO and RPO for IT environments with CSV’s.

In our release 7.3 (already in Beta), Unitrends will manage parallel backups for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V CSV’s automatically for our users! If you are running CSV’s, please look here to sign up for our Beta program and maybe check out our other awesome new features.

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