Hyper-V, Unitrends Enterprise Backup, & SpiceWorks

So next week there’s going to be this cool event I’m participating in with SpiceWorks, where we’re doing a “Dr. Phil” type talk show with several IT admins who use Unitrends to protect their business. We’ll talk about virtualization and data protection best practices, DR planning, SLA’s and budgeting. The IT admins will touch on how they have leveraged Unitrends to meet their business requirements, and we’ll take live questions and hopefully provide useful responses.

You might be wondering why I’m telling you about it… So you’ve heard all of us on this blog talk about Unitrends Enterprise Backup – our software-only product which runs as a guest on your Hyper-V host. We’ve given you choices on free backup for your Hyper-V environment:

  • FREE edition: host-level backups (including full/incremental and incremental forever backup strategies) of up to 4 guests. Forever.
  • TRIAL edition: unlimited protection for your virtual and physical servers, your applications, your storage, offsite replication, tertiary backups (archiving) to SAN or NAS. Completely unlimited for 30-days.

So I’m telling you about this cool event next week because there’s an opportunity for you to receive 1TB of free backup (1 TB protected capacity with unlimited retention) if you watch this event and find the secret promo code which unlocks this license.

This means you can protect up to 1TB of physical windows servers, including your actual Hyper-V hosts, other physical servers, non-Windows servers AND your Hyper-V guests with Unitrends suite of features: heterogeneous protection, flexible schedules, replication, archiving, bare metal (including P2V, V2V and V2P), file and OS-level, and application-level backups and restores all managed through our single-pane-of-glass administrative interface.

If you’re running a French or German language pack on your Hyper-V environment, we’ve now certified both our UEB software deployed on these Hyper-V hosts (Server 2012 and Server 2008) as well as our protection of these OS’s.

I’m usually here recommending training, certifications, and tools, so I thought this event would unlock another tool for you. I hope you attend and enjoy.


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