Introducing Kaseya’s ConnectIT Community

IT pros are constantly learning, whether through the implementation of new technology or by encountering and solving issues in real-time. With that in mind, an online discussion forum is a perfect way for IT professionals to learn from shared experiences, and the experience and knowledge they gain via this technique can only result in improved performance.

Active discussions eventually create a network of highly productive, problem-solving professionals that support each other, eventually blossoming into a unified body of IT pros — or in other words, a community.

Welcome to the ConnectIT Community

Kaseya recently launched the ConnectIT Community — a homegrown online community for IT professionals. With over 85,000 members and 140,000 posts, this online discussion forum is getting bigger and better with every passing day.

The ConnectIT Community brings customers and users from all Kaseya brands together into a single community and provides help across different areas like:

  • The support center — by acting as a knowledge base for all Kaseya brands

  • Kaseya solution best practices

  • Relationship building with Kaseya stakeholders, other IT professionals and managed service providers from across the globe

The ConnectIT Community Subcommunities [H2]

The ConnectIT Community features subcommunities dedicated to each Kaseya Brand:

Why Join the ConnectIT Community? [H2]

Every online discussion forum is “important,” so how is ConnectIT any different?  

Well, if you’re looking to share valuable knowledge, expertise and advice on Kaseya solutions, using an online discussion forum created by Kaseya exclusively for its customers and partners is your best bet.

Here are other great reasons to join the ConnectIT Community:

  • Get answers – Find solutions to complex IT dilemmas, offer product support and connect with IT professionals across industries and geographies.

  • Suggest new features – Members can suggest new features for the solutions they use via the Ideas Portal.

  • Single login access – Kaseya Support Community, Automation Exchange and the Unitrends Support Community have merged into the new ConnectIT Community, enabling access to all resources with a single login.

  • A built-in incentive for participation – Community members will earn reputation points and special badges. These points determine members’ ranks within the community, helping other community members identify the product champions.

  • Special interest groups – There will also be special interest groups where members can connect. These groups will focus on regions, product advisory councils and more. Have an idea for a special interest group? Let the ConnectIT Community team know.

  • Easy access to Automation Exchange – Get access to Kaseya’s marketplace where you can share and customize your own Agent Procedures, Monitor Sets, Reports, Templates and other types of automation for various Kaseya products. You can even buy and sell your own scripts and templates.

Who Can Join?

The ConnectIT Community shares its wealth of knowledge with 85,432 active members, and membership is limited to customers, partners and Kaseya stakeholders from support, product development and other special guests.

However, members of our sales organization are not permitted to have accounts. That means no unwanted solicitation from sales representatives. Pricing discussions and prospecting, both by members and Kaseya’s internal teams, are also forbidden.

The goal is to make ConnectIT Community a safe space for customers and partners where they can exchange ideas and innovations without any interruptions from sales reps.

How to Join the ConnectIT Community

Any customer or partner with an existing login to the previous version of the Unitrends Support Community ( will have received an email invitation, asking them to reset their password for the new ConnectIT Community.

Customers and partners with no login credentials for the Unitrends legacy platform, or who have used one email for their product and a different email for their legacy community profiles, will receive a separate email asking them to create a profile in the new ConnectIT Community.

If you haven’t received any emails yet, register here or send an email to [email protected].


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