KaseyaOne Centralized User Management Now Available for UniView

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations thrive on efficiency and streamlined operations. A centralized platform that integrates all essential IT tools not only saves time but also boosts productivity and security. Imagine accessing all your critical applications with just one login, seamlessly switching between them without the hassle of multiple passwords. Such a system simplifies the management of subscriptions, billing and support, providing a unified view of your resources. That’s why we’ve integrated KaseyaOne with Unitrends UniView to help IT admins work smarter and save valuable time. This cohesive approach ensures that all facets of your IT operations are effortlessly interconnected, making it easier to oversee and manage your technology needs from a single, consolidated location.

KaseyaOne: Streamline your IT management

KaseyaOne is the comprehensive hub for all your Kaseya IT solutions. As the main customer portal, it integrates every module within the Kaseya IT Complete suite, simplifying your IT management.

One of its standout features is Unified Login, or “Log in with KaseyaOne,” which enables users to access all subscribed Kaseya modules with a single sign-in. This single sign-on (SSO) capability allows you to switch effortlessly between different applications without the need for multiple logins, enhancing productivity and convenience. KaseyaOne simplifies your workflow, centralizing everything you need for efficient IT management under one roof.

UniView: Simplify your backup management with one unified platform

IT professionals face the challenge of managing diverse environments, including on-premises systems, SaaS applications, endpoints and public clouds. Unitrends UniView is a SaaS-based management platform that simplifies this complexity by allowing streamlined management of data across multiple platforms. It provides both UI and API integration for seamless integration with our best-of-breed backup and recovery solutions.

With UniView, you can manage hybrid cloud backup appliances, direct-to-cloud backup and SaaS backup from a single portal. BackupIQ, intelligent rule-based alerting in UniView, allows you to prioritize issues so the most critical problems are addressed first. UniView also comes equipped with an integration for Helix, a SaaS-based engine that automates remediation of environmental issues (such as VSS errors) before they impact backups. Unitrends UniView lets you take control of your data by ensuring all your on-premises, SaaS, endpoint and cloud data protection needs are addressed efficiently in one centralized location.

KaseyaOne integration brings centralized user management to UniView

KaseyaOne Centralized User Management’s integration with UniView provides you with powerful management features that save time and increase the security of your Kaseya ecosystem, including all backup modules managed in the UniView portal. Some of the key features include:

Unified login through KaseyaOne

This feature enables you to log in to KaseyaOne once and automatically access all your IT Complete modules without needing to log in again. After logging into KaseyaOne, you can easily navigate to other modules, unified support, the Kaseya Community, Kaseya University, the Cooper Intelligence Engine and more.

Require login with KaseyaOne

Enforce login with KaseyaOne credentials, requiring two-factor authentication (2FA) that provides robust protection against a wide range of threats, including unauthorized access.

Automatic user provisioning

Just-in-time user provisioning automates and streamlines user account and access rights management. Whenever new KaseyaOne users are granted access to a module, accounts are automatically created with a specified default role, saving time and strengthening security.

Access Groups (role-based access control)

This feature boosts security by allowing IT teams to enforce consistent access controls and monitor user activity across the entire network. It limits users’ ability to access and alter sensitive information based on their roles, which helps maintain the integrity of data and systems and prevents accidental or malicious modifications.

Improved user experience

User data is automatically synced between the UniView portal and KaseyaOne, ensuring consistency across platforms and a more cohesive experience.

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