Some of you may have seen this fun page sponsored by CDW this week. If you have a few minutes of free time, you should definitely check this site out. I happened to have a few extra moments last night, and wanted to introduce you to a few of the Unitrends’ Heroes Who Get IT, or our own version of the Justice League.

  • Our first Hero is Master Commander, aka, Mike Coney, Unitrends CEO. Master Commander is a force to be reckoned with, tackling all obstacles that face the Unitrends force head on. He is the leader of all of the Unitrends Heroes Who Get IT.

  •  Some of you may already know the Mainframe Conqueror, known to you as Mark Campbell. Mainframe is constantly listening to the questions that come from Unitrends users and others citizens of the IT World, and answering these questions for the benefit of all.

 Much like Vanilla Ice, Maximum Perfection, better known as Maria Pressley, has the motto, “If you have a problem, yo, I’ll solve it.” Backed by her team of engineers, Maximum Perfection assists our clients in understanding what Unitrends can do for them, and how to best utilize this tool.

  • Our Sourcecode Kamikaze, who also goes by the name, Sameer Kamat, is committed to the development of new features and functionality for all that believe in what Unitrends can do for them.

  • Joyful Soprano, known to the world as Jennifer Sipala, along with me, Kibitzer Decoder, as her trusty sidekick, battle the forces of good and evil in the world of Marketing.



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