Your “Must Do” Backup and Recovery Checklist

As businesses move into the New Year, it’s a natural time to take stock of Business Continuity and Recovery assets and evaluate what areas need improvement in 2016.  It’s time to review critical backup and recovery plans and determine if they meet your company’s specific requirements for uptime RTO/RPOs and compliance SLAs.

Today there is no longer any argument that data and critical application access are the lifeblood of all organizations, assets that require efficient recovery processes to ensure the business can access critical systems anytime, anywhere.  With diversification of production platforms, a heighten reliance on data and IT systems, and zero tolerance to downtime or data loss, any downtime can result in significant damage to the business reputation, loss of revenue generation and even complete shutdown.

As a business, if you have not already faced these challenges, or you’re not prepared, in 2016 you’ll be challenged to recover growing data assets faster, manage applications running across hyper-converged systems, multiple operating systems, multiple hypervisors and in the cloud all while attempting to assure 24/7 access to critical applications.  With more data and services on premises and in the cloud, businesses in 2016 will need to ensure they have strategies to backup, protect and restore their data on all fronts.

The good news is that with the evolution of the cloud, businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to implement a BC/DR plan without heavily investing in additional data center space.

Join us for this two part webinar series “Is Your Backup & Recovery Plan in Shape for 2016?”

Find out what you need to consider when building a 2016 backup and recovery plan, and what tools are needed to understand your current data and backup needs. With each Webinar, you will receive a corresponding Whitepaper detailing the top backup/recovery trends for 2016, a checklist for starting 2016 on the right paths, a methodology for staying on track while minimizing cost and an overview of the tools you need to understand your data so you can plan for your backup and recovery needs.


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