New Recovery Series Gen 9 tackles surge in digital transformation

2020 has been a transformational year for IT professionals. From helping enterprises make the shift to remote work to defending IT environments against the increased risk of cyberattacks, IT teams have been instrumental in keeping companies thriving in the new normal. Taking on this wave of digital transformation is the new Unitrends Recovery Series Gen 9 complemented by a new transparent, subscription pricing model option that makes Unitrends solutions accessible for all businesses.

For many enterprises, the past year has meant an increased need for backup solutions as more remote workers save larger amounts of data from a growing number of devices. With 88 percent more SSD and up to 2 times faster computer and network power than the Gen 8 series, Gen 9 allows IT professionals to store, protect and retrieve greater amounts of data even faster. Combined with Unitrends’ AI based ransomware detection and Helix self-healing backup software, Gen 9 provides powerful, automated protection for enterprises of all sizes.

Data is exploding, but not in one place. Our new normal has forced exponential data growth not just in our data centers, but also from remote workforces and in SaaS productivity platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365.  More businesses are leveraging the cloud for BCDR to avoid managing unnecessary infrastructure. As infrastructure gets more complicated with hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, protecting it and keeping it running is more complex, costly and unreliable.

Unitrends’ UniView alleviates this issue by providing a centralized management hub for IT professionals to view where their data lives as well as their business’s recovery processes. UniView is customized to each enterprise and allows IT professionals to manage Gen 9 appliances as well as Spanning Office 365 Backup and Unitrends Cloud Backup from one portal.

Though budgets may have shifted due to the impact of the pandemic, cybersecurity threats like ransomware have continued to grow—underscoring the importance of data backup and recovery. Unitrends has implemented a flexible pricing model to ensure that businesses can access the latest hardware and protect their data with minimal initial costs. Organizations can choose from an upfront, annual or monthly subscription, which includes free hardware upgrades at the end of the three-year term. For organizations looking to build out a comprehensive BCDR solution, Gen 9 integrates with the Unitrends purpose-built cloud for simple, cost-efficient offsite storage, long-term retention and white glove disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS).

Request a demo to learn more about how Gen 9 can help you protect and manage your data more effectively. Also for a limited time, new and existing customers are eligible for free DRaaS with the purchase of any Gen 9 appliance on a 3+ year subscription.


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