Why should I not buy a backup appliance? Hey, wait a second, didn’t we publish a Why Should I Buy a Backup Appliance blog post just yesterday?  Yes, we did. A well-written argument by my friend Juan Rogers. Today, in the spirit of the old SNL skit Point/Counterpoint, today I get to play the role of Dan Aykroyd.

Juan detailed quite the persuasive case yesterday and was absolutely right, a purpose-built backup appliance is the best choice for most customers. An all-in-one enterprise backup and continuity solution providing a low cost of ownership, one support organization to call, and built-in recovery assurance is an attractive new world option in a market full of complex old world solutions. But is it right for everyone? Maybe not.

We talk to customers every day with circumstances that make a software solution the right fit, at least for them. They may have existing storage and compute resources to use and a capital expenditure budget that says no to adding anything new. The data they protect may be growing at such a rapid and unpredictable rate that they prefer to dynamically add compute and storage as needed. Maybe they are all in on committing to a virtual environment only and it pains them to even think about adding a physical appliance for backup.  Or they wish to protect XenServer virtual machines at the hypervisor level. We understand these reasons and guess what, we are a fit for these organizations that should not or will not buy a backup appliance.

Enterprise Backup Software

All the functionality Unitrends offers in our all-in-one, Recovery Series backup and continuity appliance is available in our Unitrends Backup software deployed on a virtual appliance in VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, or in Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. It is the same data protection and business continuity solution. It includes the same heterogeneous platform support with recovery anywhere; on-premise or public, private, or hybrid cloud. It comes with true recovery assurance from scheduled recovery tests proving recovery SLAs can be met. What is different is the customer provides the hypervisor on which the virtual appliance sits and the storage where backups are sent.

So, should you or should you not buy a backup appliance? It most cases, buy one. They are so easy to deploy and use, for the majority of customers, going with an all-in-one, purpose-built backup and continuity appliance makes the most sense. But for some, Unitrends Backup software on a VM is a better option. Talk to Unitrends or a Unitrends partner today for help in determining what is best for you.

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