The recent DCIG Hybrid-Cloud Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide recognizing Unitrends as, once again, the leader in the purpose-built backup appliance market put me in a nostalgic mood. I read through old blog posts and reviewed data sheets for product generations old. This got me thinking about the 14 years Unitrends has offered an all-in-one data protection and recovery solution. Almost a decade and half of experience, innovation, constant improvement, and a culture built to produce customer delight.

Unitrends understands it is a new IT world. A world where IT professionals are tasked with doing more with less. That is why Unitrends created all-in-one on-premise and cloud-based backup and continuity solutions designed to help IT professionals protect more, do more, and be more – with less.

Unitrends 9.1 release fits right into our innovation and improvement history. Included in this newest release are the addition of self-service cloud management, the ability to deploy Unitrends Enterprise Backup in Microsoft Azure, support for additional operating systems and much more. All of this and we continue to improve on an incredibly simple and intuitive user interface.

I love the Billie Holiday quote:    “You can’t copy anybody and end with anything. If you copy, it means you’re working without any real feeling.”

 Often I feel that way about our competitors. It is hard to keep count of the backup software companies that have come out with purpose-built backup appliances over the past ten years and continuously play catchup to Unitrends when it comes to an all-in-one solution. When everyone else was still using tape, Unitrends customers were writing to disk. When others introduced disk as a target, Unitrends committed to cloud backup copies. When cloud backup became an industry focus, Unitrends introduced recovery assurance. Whatever stage of product maturity others reach, Unitrends has been there and moved beyond.

It is a wonderful thing being the company that place the guidestones for the rest of the industry to follow. This is why Unitrends is rated so highly by DCIG. They know that we know what we are doing. Experience matters.

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