PMD Magnetics & Unitrends DRaaS now listed on UK’s G-Cloud 10

Good news!  UK-based public sector organizations can now purchase Unitrends Cloud though PMD Magnetics using the G-Cloud 10 digital marketplace.  This new listing ensures UK public agencies of all sizes get the same pricing and contractual terms that would generally be available only to large enterprises.  Buying services through the G-Cloud frameworks is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts.

Unitrends Cloud has a physical presence in the UK, will certify that all UK data is kept in country, and complies with many industry-specific certifications.  Unitrends is a leader in Cloud services, offering leading edge cloud-based data protection and disaster recovery.

PMD Magnetics is a specialist provider of backup and data retention solutions, supplying the UK public sector for over 40 years.

Unitrends Cloud and PMD Magnetics are approved for listings in G-Cloud for both Cloud Hosting and Cloud Software categories.


The cloud can provide safe, trustworthy and easily-recoverable storage.  Different types of data have different retention schedules – 1 year, 3 years, 7 years or infinite.  Unitrends offers tiered retention pricing, so organizations don’t pay for more than they need.  Public agencies can select the number of years that data must be retained with cloud pricing to match.  This offering removes the burden of retention management and operational spending, as remote cloud storage may be cheaper than managing your own physical backup media.

Cloud Services:

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) has evolved greatly from its first iterations.  Unitrends now offers “White Glove” services which free enterprise IT of organizations of all sizes from having to learn, manage and deploy recoveries.  Unitrends offers complete DR planning, including setting up the server boot order, so business-critical applications are the first to recover.  Recovery is initiated by a simple phone call to Unitrends.  Unitrends offers both 1-hour and 24-hour Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for application recovery with financial recourse for any delays.  This high-touch version of DRaaS can be managed and deployed from any location and protect remote sites anywhere in the UK or the world.  Once the data center is restored, organizations can gracefully fail-back out of the cloud when it is convenient to their users.

G-Cloud 10 pricing is valid from July 2018 through 2019. Pricing is guaranteed over the life of G-Cloud 10.

To take advantage of this program to purchase Unitrends cloud offerings, UK Public Agencies should contact Matthew Gwynn at PMD Magnetics.  Email: [email protected] or call 01789 268579.


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